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About the TotalMobile App Platform

The TotalMobile App Platform is a workflow management solution that easily automates any process;

  • For any mobile worker
  • On any device and platform
  • Integrating to any system
  • Without the need for software development

Your staff will love to use it.

The TotalMobile App Platform can transform your service delivery and performance but not at the expense of important organisational considerations; security, scalability, ease of deployment and support.  You can be sure of increased productivity, improved customer service and cost savings.

Experience the TotalMobile effect first hand.  Get in touch and see how it works!

Our Vision

At TotalMobile we believe in making work more productive and enjoyable by providing enterprise apps that users love to use.

For us the How is more important than the What.

“If the experience is not good, it creates frustration, confusion and even despair.”

Jesse James Garrett, author of The Elements of User Experience

This is the reason we developed TotalMobile to work on any platform and device, the way the manufacturer intended, to work fully offline, to automatically provide users with all of the information and guidance they need at the point of service delivery. It is also why we focus on mobilising the whole worker, not just a part of their work. That is why you can use TotalMobile to book and approve leave, process your expenses, record your time, as well as carrying out your particular work functions.

All of this is focused on increasing productivity, improving service and saving money. Without a user experience that truly engages people, return on investment is compromised.

Our Belief System

Great organisations are driven by great purpose.  We are driven by our desire to create amazing user experiences for every individual who interacts with our products. We start with the front line staff and work back.  We believe by doing this only then can we create real value where and when it counts.